As you may have heard, 2020 is an extraordinary year for Grand Seiko — the brand’s 60th commemoration. For quite a while, a decided group in Seiko’s Suwa office in focal Japan had been dealing with the formation of a watch that would be as exact, sturdy, comfortable, and wonderful as humanly conceivable. The re-formation of that incredible watch has recently dispatched. Furthermore, it is a beauty.

The aftereffect of their endeavors? A watch with a 14k gold filled case and a thin development, whose exactness fulfilled the most noteworthy worldwide guideline of the time. The level of their accomplishment was with the end goal that it was chosen to call the watch Grand Seiko. Presently, in this exceptional year, a re-production of the principal Grand Seiko watch from 1960 has been brought to life.

In January, Grand Seiko delivered four new models to commemorate its 60th birthday celebration. We covered them  here and here . However, as of late it brought up that there was more to come. Those commemorative models all wore alluring blue dials. In any case, past that, there wasn’t an enormous add up to get amped up for. Not except if the reestablished quartz type 9F85 was sufficient to intrigue you, that is. With this most recent declaration, in any case, Grand Seiko has given us something genuinely exceptional. Without precedent for quite a while, we have another Spring Drive type to celebrate. What’s more, that’s not all…

New calibers

Robert-Jan just expounded on the new 9RA5 Spring-Drive type, as introduced in the SLGA001 Diver’s 600M . Also, in no time we will discover that Grand Seiko, this year, presents a fundamentally upgraded new programmed greetings beat type as well.

That, truth be told, just leaves the Grand Seiko manual winding type not being reestablished. What’s more, undoubtedly, in the three commemorative re-manifestations, of the initial 1960 Grand Seiko model, we see the notable, attempted and-believed 9S64 type being used.

Three new references, SBGW257, SBGW258, and SBGW259

The re-formation of the first Grand Seiko is introduced in quite a while. The case shape and the delicately bended dial and hands are completely devoted to the 1960-unique. The case back, in any case, is presently in sapphire, uncovering the wonderful completion of the development. In accordance with the present stylish, the case breadth has been expanded somewhat, from 35mm to 38mm. While the state of the watches is the equivalent, three unique materials are used:

First, there’s an adaptation (SBGW257) in Platinum 950. The dial conveys a star mark that connotes that its hour markers are in 18k gold. The etching of the Grand Seiko name on the dial is especially sharp gratitude to the way that the dial, as well, is in 18k gold.


The instance of the subsequent creation (SBGW258) is in 18k yellow gold. So are its hour markers. Here also we see a star mark demonstrating a 18k Gold dial, nonetheless, a decorated wordmark replaces the etching seen on the platinum model.


The third case is in Brilliant Hard Titanium, which is elite to Grand Seiko. It is pretty much as light as unadulterated titanium yet twice as hard as treated steel and consequently exceptionally impervious to scratches. Its tone is more brilliant than different types of titanium utilized for Grand Seiko and permits the Zaratsu cleaned surfaces to stand apart much more noticeably. Here we don’t see a star imprint, and consequently — as we get it — no strong gold dial.


About the 9S64 caliber

Grand Seiko type 9S64 is a 24-gem hand-wound mechanical development, presented in 2011. It conveys a 72-hour power hold, on account of the utilization of a more slender and longer heart made of the exclusive combination Spron510. What’s more, the equilibrium spring is made of another, as of late grew, exceptionally stun safe, and against attractive combination Spron610.

The 9S64 type utilizes a break haggle fabricated by MEMS innovation. This adds to solid and exact execution. Its timekeeping accuracy is – 3 to +5 seconds of the day. A precision that is affirmed for each situation by a thorough arrangement of tests throughout 17 days. These types are tried under different conditions including six distinct positions and three unique temperatures. All through these preliminaries, its every day varieties should fit inside the severe resilience rates. Fantastic Seiko is said to have the most elevated distributed norm in the business here.

A include not frequently referenced is a fairly novel over-twisting security of the 9S64 — additional confirmation, which is just momentarily referenced in the (page 29).

Re-manifestations yet not restricted editions

Many of the introduced festivity watches are restricted versions. Nonetheless, the re-manifestations of the 1960-unique — the ones we’re discussing — will be important for the normal Grand Seiko . Presently, there aren’t numerous models in the ordinary Elegance assortment utilizing the hand-winding 9S64 type. One, which is one of my undisputed top choices, is the . Tragically, its sibling on a steel dots of-rice arm band, the SBGW235, appears to have left the party. All three re-creation watches will be accessible at Grand Seiko Boutiques from June 2020 onwards. Costs will fluctuate from €39,000 to €27,000 and €8,300. Get familiar with Grand Seiko .