Earlier this year, we collaborated with Longines to locate the oldest Longines watch in The Netherlands.

Speaking of the oldest Longines watch, it must be a pocket watch, obviously. Despite the fact that Longines traces all the way back to 1832, their first pocket watch with in-house development (type 20A) was delivered in 1867. This is likewise the year that Longines begins to record their creation in their chronicles. All Longines watches from that second on, convey the brand name, and have the hourglass engraved in the watch.

But let’s face it, a couple of those early watches presumably endure. Pocket watches cleared a path for wristwatches years and years prior, and a ton of these old watches are a distant memory and failed to remember. It makes you can’t help thinking about the number of them are turning around some place, in drawers or safe store boxes.

RJ along with Judith Mennen, Swatch Group Netherlands Country Manager & Longines Brand Manager

From March 1st till June 1st, we asked our Dutch readers to enter the competition with their (oldest) Longines watch. We received many fascinating enrollments, yet in addition still a few wristwatches from individuals who thought Longines wasn’t that old. We truly needed to ask a ton from the challengers, as there are sequential and reference numbers engraved on different puts on these Longines pocket watches. Indeed, even on the development on the dial side. This implies that the watch should have been halfway dismantled. In any case, the vast majority of you who enrolled did as such and conveyed pictures of about each surface and point of the watch. With this data, individuals at the Longines central command began to explore these watches on inventiveness, credibility, and their creation date. With the extraordinarily very much safeguarded documents at Longines central command in St-Imier, Switzerland, each watch can be followed back to a creation date. With this data, Longines can likewise follow the specific country the watch has been transported to.

The winning Oldest Longines Watch from 1874

In the end, three people who presented their Longines pocket watch data were extraordinarily close, yet the triumphant watch traces all the way back to 1874. The oldest Longines watch in The Netherlands has a place with Leon and was reported during the Longines FEI European Championships in Rotterdam.

The owner(s) of the triumphant watch were treated with a visit to the Longines base camp in St-Imier on September 4 and 5. In addition to the fact that they received a plant visit (where we likewise saw an inconceivably effective and robotized creation interaction to deal with high volumes), yet they additionally had the option to see the book (No.4) in the files that really had a record of the triumphant watch.

Perhaps most great was the visit to the Longines legacy workshop, where they reestablish and fix vintage (pocket)watches. Longines likewise showed us the amazing measure of extra parts they have available for vintage watches, going from little screws to NOS dials and hands. The workshop and the chronicle of extra parts made it seem as though it was a little free watchmaking company all alone yet inside the dividers of the large Longines brand that produces over 1,000,000 watches for each year.

The visit finished with an exhibition hall visit, one that is certainly among the most great ones in Switzerland. It is free for visits, however you need to plan to do as such, as it is situated inside the Longines building. It is here, where you can locate all the books with all Longines watches since 1867 onwards yet in addition where you can see one of the absolute first Longines pocketwatches up to the most recent VHP models. The historical center makes them interest sections, one of them is a development divider, where you can locate the main types they’ve utilized since the good ‘ol days till today. Different sections are about Longines and sports, flying, and tastefulness (think adornments pieces, workmanship deco, and so forth) In the event that you haven’t visited the Longines gallery, make a point to do as such later on. It is well worth it.

Thousands of extra parts

We need to salute the victor of the challenge, Leon de Ruiter from Veilinghuis de Ruiter with his oldest Longines pocket watch in The Netherlands. We likewise might want to express gratitude toward Longines The Netherlands and Longines SA for the organization on this project.

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