Good morning. While trying to convey you some news you may have missed without causing you to stifle on your cornflakes, I will preface it with this: It is entirely obvious. In fact, it is a particularly common event, that perhaps I should start revealing when A. Lange & Söhne doesn’t succeed at the Golden Balance awards…

Awards are acceptable. They furnish us with some idea of industry bearing. That’s never absolute, however they can be helpful for ascertaining more what the actual business wants us to pay attention to (independent of what the purchasing public are deciding in favor of with their wallets). Major awards like the Golden Balance are valuable to those of us who cannot afford to purchase many of the watches that success in categories like this (the over €25,000 fragment) as it gives us another angle from which to analyze from afar.

As nuanced as award analysis can be, one thing is clear: A. Lange & Söhne is no stranger to the top step. Winning the Golden Balance award for the remarkable was, while not a done without end, a lot of merited. At the point when Lange released the updated variant of its famous Zeitwerk, the world paid heed. While I personally lamented the necessary increase in diameter, the expanded sibling of everyone’s favorite digital mechanical actually sent positive waves through the brand’s following. This is the 37th time Lange has won a Golden Balance award since the competition started in 1998. Not a bad annual return by any measure…

A genuine present day classic

It’s an abused term, yet I can’t avoid utilizing here. It is so relevant. The A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Date is a genuine present day classic. And I don’t simply mean it will stand the trial of time. Comparing it to other Glashütte legends, this isn’t the same as a NOMOS Glashütte Tangente, or a Glashütte Original Sixties assortment watch. Both are classics, yet conceived of an alternate era and raised to date for a cutting edge audience. The Zeitwerk (with or without date) is a family for the new age. It is a mechanical interpretation of our digital cravings. The addition of the flame-red date indicator, set against a wolf-gray backdrop is a wondrous thing. It merits all the plaudits it gets and more.

Taking home the Golden Balance award for watches valued more than 25,000 euros doesn’t change the legacy of this remarkable piece all that much. In any case, it gives it somewhat more time in the sun. It helps us to remember its brilliance. And it allows us all to bask in the greatness of Lange’s exceptional developments. Learn more about Germany’s unrivaled delight .