When Anthony de Haas (Director of Product Development at A. Lange & Söhne) began his work in Glashütte in 2004, he was welcomed by Walter Lange. Walter Lange disclosed to him that he might want to see a watch with stop seconds, similar to his progenitors accomplished for their A. Lange & Söhne pocket watches. A year ago, in January 2017, Walter Lange died and Anthony de Haas thought about his desires for a timepiece.

The 1815 “Homage to Walter Lange” is by and large what he would have preferred, guaranteed to us by Anthony de Haas. Walter Lange really demanded having a watch like this for quite a while. Presently, at the SIHH 2018, Lange gave us this watch stop seconds in a 1815 case with a manual development. There will be four varieties of this watch, three restricted releases and one interesting piece for a unique sale. Subtleties of the sale will be uncovered later on this week at SIHH (most likely tomorrow night, Tuesday the 16th).

1815 “Reverence to Walter Lange”

In this article we have a first gander at their 1815 “Homage to Walter Lange”. Particularly on the three restricted version, the fourth, an exceptional piece in tempered steel we will cover all the more seriously when the insights concerning the bartering will be made public.

The restricted release 1815 “Homage to Walter Lange” is a 40.5mm piece, accessible in yellow gold (reference 297.021), white gold (reference 297.026) and pink gold (reference 297.032). Every one of the three watches have a beautiful silver argenté dial with blued steel hands and come on a crocodile lash with coordinating buckle.

The yellow gold form will be restricted to 27 watches, as it required a long time from the founding year of Lange Uhren GmbH in 1990 and the day that this watch was disclosed (December 7, 2017). The white gold variant will be restricted to 145, as the company was founded (once more) precisely 145 years after Ferdinand Adolph Lange set up the company on December seventh, 1845. Lastly, the pink gold form is restricted to 90 pieces, referring to 1990, the date when Walter Lange founded the Lange GmbH as far as we might be concerned today. As composed over, the hardened steel rendition with dark finish dial will be a piece unique.

L1924 Movement

The stop seconds, a focal recycled that really ‘ticks’ each second and can be halted by a pusher at 2 o’clock. The running seconds are in the sub dial at 6 o’clock. With the stop seconds function, you can basically pause and restart the focal seconds hand. There is no reset (chrono) system at all. It stays somewhat hazy why Walter Lange demanded this regular pocket watch functionality, other than nostalgic reasons. All things considered, Lange regarded this wish and made this complication for their 1815 “Homage to Walter Lange” watch. For now, the solitary picture we had the option to take of the development is beneath. Be that as it may, you will get the idea.

The development is beautiful as you are utilized from A. Lange & Söhne. A type L1924 development ticks inside, which is physically wound. It has been beautified and amassed by hand and managed in 5 different positions. For the plates and extensions, Lange utilized untreated German silver and the equilibrium rooster has been hand-engraved. Altogether, the L1924 development comprises of 253 pieces of which 36 are gems. It has a force hold of 60 hours and the development has a tallness of 6.1mm, making the whole watch 10.7mm in height.

Price of the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 “Homage to Walter Lange” is 47.000 Euro, including deals charges. More information through their .