This is a Rolex you won’t see each day: the Submariner Big Crown Four Liner 6538. Four Liner alludes to the four lines of text on the dial that not just demonstrates the model name (Submariner), profundity rate (200 meters/660 feet) yet additionally that it is an Officially Certified Chronometer.

Submariner Big Crown

Although it is certainly identified with today’s Rolex Submariner, this reference 6538 chronometer model is something different! With a width of ‘just’ 37.5mm, it looks extremely recognized and the large crown (8mm breadth) gives you promptly the sensation of having an appropriate vintage device watch on the wrist.

A 1957 Reference 6538

In the beginning of the Submariner (presented in Basel in 1954), things were somewhat muddled with the references and models. It obviously shows that Rolex was still ‘prototyping’ with their expert jumpers watch in those initial not many years. References 6200, 6205 and 6205 were accessible with very some variety in the dials. You’d even see one with the ‘Explorer’ set-up in regards to the dial. With the later 6536(/1) and 6538, the way was cleared for the later 55xx arrangement, yet they actually accompanied very some variety. The 6536(/1) was evaluated 100 meters water opposition and the ‘Big Crown’ 6538 200 meters. The Submariner Big Crown 6538 was underway from 1954 to 1959. The watch we have here traces all the way back to 1957.

Big Crown – James Bond

Although numerous vintage Rolex Submariners ( here is our article on the historical backdrop of Submariners ) are being alluded to as ‘ James Bond ‘ watch, just the reference 6538 with large crown has been utilized in 007 movies Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger. The previous reference 6200 and later 5510 additionally had large crowns for instance, yet it was actually the reference 6538 watch that was highlighted in these films. The crown has been endorsed with ‘Brevet’, which is the French sign for a patent.

Chronometer Cal.1030 Movement

New for the 6538 (and 6536/1) was the type 1030 development in 1956. The 6538 references before 1956 additionally had the type 1030 development, yet without the chronometer confirmation. Obviously, Rolex expected to communicate this confirmation and did as such on the dial with the acclaimed two extra lines of text: Officially Certified, Chronometer. So this clarifies the ‘four liner’ designation. There are various varieties again in this printing, as later on, Rolex added ‘Superlative’ before ‘Chronometer’.

Sought After

The Rolex Submariner Big Crown is a profoundly pursued model, particularly this ref. 6538. Phillips showed me this Big Crown Four Liner during their viewings in Geneva a month ago, and this specific watch will be unloaded on December fifth 2018 in New York. The first chronometer endorsement from 1957 is additionally essential for the part, much the same as the container and unique assurance paper.

On the case back, there is this etching that peruses “GES 362-24-6858”. It is to be accepted by Phillips that it alludes to one of its past proprietors by the name of George E. Stoddard (1924-1997) and that this individual had his initials and federal retirement aide number engraved. As per the sale house, this was done if there should be an occurrence of misfortune (and particularly important if Stoddard served in the military).


Phillips shows the bezel of this watch to be particularly uncommon, additionally alluded to as the Mk2 bezel. A red triangle, no moment divisions (typically until the 15-minute marker), bored and no lume pearl. I had never seen this one, yet I am definitely not a Submariner expert.

Phillips Auction

This Rolex Submariner Big Crown ref.6538 has been assessed somewhere in the range of $300,000.- and $600,000.- USD (€261,000-521,000) which shows that assumptions are high. It is unquestionably an uncommon piece, however I don’t feel the adoration myself. The exemplifications (to keep it in style) utilized by Phillips in their index portrayal of this watch are breathtaking, marvelous, and intriguing. What the last watch barters in Geneva showed is that gatherers are unquestionably able to spend on pieces, as long as they are of great. A decent pattern, if you were to ask me. I’m no soothsayer however, I do not understand where the offers on this Submariner Big Crown 6538 Four Liner will end. It is certainly uncommon and pursued, and maybe the reference to claim in the event that you are into gathering Rolex Submariner watches.

The sell off part can be found .