The Hanhart Pioneer One assortment just improved, with this new blue form of their military-roused watches.

If you are a companion of the brand that lives in the Black Forrest, you are most likely acquainted with the Pioneer models. They are the most real in looks toward the historical backdrop of Hanhart is concerned. Hanhart was among the brands who provided chronographs for the German Air Force during World War II. Those vintage pieces are extremely pursued and rare nowadays. Part of the way since they are military watches, part of the way on the grounds that the lord of cool, Steve McQueen additionally wore one.

Steve McQueen and his Hanhart 417ES

Hanhart has three significant assortments, however the military-roused one, named Pioneer takes motivation from these 1940s chronographs. I audited the Pioneer Monoscope some time prior. This time I will take a gander at another Pioneer, a period just version.

Hanhart Pioneer One

For a little company like Hanhart, its Pioneer assortment is fairly huge. You can browse various watches both chronograph and time-just pieces. You have 45mm two-pusher (Pioneer TwinDicator) and single pusher (MonoScope) chronographs. A similar 2 chronograph types in a more modest 42mm (TwinControl and MonoControl) and a much more modest 40mm (Pioneer Mk I, Mk II and TachyTele) case all with a tremendous assortment of dials. At that point you can figure out some time just pieces, similar to the Preventor 9 or, the subject of this article, the Pioneer One family. As far as I might be concerned, this is the most straightforward Hanhart out there, a truly cool watch with a vintage vibe in an advanced translation. The Pioneer One assortment comes in 4 dial tones; dark, dim, white and blue. While a few, similar to the dark or white, look more vintage, the blue is really a beautiful present day looking watch. In spite of its numerous vintage plan elements.

Fluted bezel

The case looks much the same as the chronograph renditions less the pushers. It is 42.5mm wide and 12.5mm thick though it says 42 and 12 on Hanhart’s site. No enormous distinction except for it merits referencing. The case is for the most part brushed, as you’d have with a military (- roused) watch, just the underside of the case has sparkly, cleaned surfaces. It is steel, as all Pioneer One watches are. The two most unmistakable highlights of the case are clearly the huge crown and the fluted rotatable bezel with the red checking. Obviously, the two highlights are gestures to the vintage chronographs. Not certain why a period just watch has a bi-directional bezel it has no utilization other than being a plan component. It does no mischief to the watch however, in reality even promotions some character to it. The huge crown isn’t upsetting except if you wear your watch further down on your wrist.

The back of the Pioneer One similarly as basic as the front of the watch. There’s a gem in the center through which you can respect the development and the dark Hanhart rotor, an element of the majority of their watches. The back is screw-in ensuring no water gets into the case, which is water impervious to 100 meters. In contrast to numerous different brands, the Hanhart Pioneer One doesn’t have the entire specialized sheet engraved on the back. One component merits referencing however, and that is the engraving “Made in Germany”. It gladly announces that the watch is coming from Germany, as it has been the situation with Hanhart since 1902 when the then-Swiss brand was migrated to Germany.

Blue is the new black

It appears to be that these days an ever increasing number of brands utilize blue as their dials’ base tones. Regardless of whether it is a pattern that will cease to exist or an approach to supplant dark I don’t know. I love the vibes of dark blue dials; they have an exceptional sparkle that dark scarcely does. Obviously, dark dial watches are and have consistently been the sole adaptations for most brands. In any case, the blue on this Pioneer One is a really glorious tone. It is adequately profound to look dark from specific points. In any case, when the light gleams on it, that is the point at which its actual dark blue tone is uncovered. To the extent the plan goes, the format is fairly straightforward; huge Super-LumiNova covered Arabic numerals in general, little printed minute track and a date gap at 3 o’clock. White pencil hands make the watch effectively intelligible additionally with lume coating.

The tip of the second hand has a similar red paint as you’d find on the bezel. Needles to some additionally interface this to the vintage models. While I have seen numerous chronographs from that 40s and 50s with a red marker on the bezel, none (or I should say 95% of them) accompanied a red tip second hand. It is a plan include on the cutting edge watches. An unobtrusive detail that gives a small sprinkle of shading to the watch. The logo is Hanhart’s vintage text style form with the time of foundation (1882) under it. much the same as on the rear of the case, at the 6 you can likewise see the Made in Germany stamping. The watches come from an unassuming community in the Black Forrest, where the Hanhart central command is. I visited them some time back, you can find out about that trip here .


Albeit the Pioneer One comes from Germany, the development inside is Swiss. Hanhart amasses every single watch in their processing plant in Gütenbach. In any case, their development provider is Sellita, in Switzerland. The type inside the Pioneer One (blue) is the SW 200. It is a 26-Jewel self-twisting development with around 38 hours of force save and 28,800 Vph. Clearly, it is a period just type with a date highlight something that numerous brands don’t utilize. As the Pioneer One is a vintage-propelled yet current watch they kept the date. In the event that we investigate the dial, we can see that there is a stage, a bigger circle in the dial. The date window gap cuts directly into this round raised surface.


The Pioneer One comes on a 22mm dark blue calf cowhide tie despite the fact that a steel wristband is additionally accessible. It was somewhat solid from the outset like most calfskin, yet I’m certain with time it would soften up. The cowhide lash has a brushed Hanhart steel clasp. As the brand’s position is on the moderate reach the cost of the Pioneer One is additionally generally low. It begins at just €890 for the cowhide variant, which is a competitive cost in this portion. Because of the enormous determination of Pioneer One tone picking one that accommodates your loving isn’t difficult to do.

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