With watch gatherers, the familiar saying “absence causes the heart to develop fonder” could barely be more true.  We investigate 6 Discontinued Seiko pieces that are as hot today as they were during their creation run.

A Discontinued Seiko Doesn’t Always Equal Rare

We’ve watched Seiko change significantly in the course of recent years as they’ve put forth to a greater degree a deliberate attempt to advertise themselves internationally as opposed to zeroing in on Japan and projecting some miscellaneous items to the remainder of the world.  In agreement that change, the Japanese brand has all the more thoroughly partitioned its assortment into lines, for example, “Prospex”, “Premier”, “Presage”, “Astron”, and “Seiko 5”.  The inclination is that putting pieces into these sub-assortments makes promoting more clear and more global.  We’ve additionally seen an overall move upmarket from the brand, which has included better developments, completing, and, now and again, adders like a sapphire crystal.  Higher costs have likewise come along for the ride.  It bodes well, yet with that move, there were some longstanding models that were either ended or overhauled with the transition.  Despite in any event one of these models being around for 25(!!) a long time prior to running into the hatchet, it appears fans still can’t get enough of certain suspended Seiko references.  None of these watches are in any capacity uncommon (indeed, one is somewhat more extraordinary) and all can be found to some degree effectively – some are even as yet being sold as new – however costs have begun to creep.  We figured you should investigate and maybe even make a move before things get any more costly or difficult.

Seiko Monster SKX779/781 “Monster”

The initially stopped Seiko on our rundown is really one that’s been away for some time, yet at the same time comes up oftentimes on gatherings as a watch that’s regularly the objective of a search.  The Seiko SKX779/781 is the principal watch that’s known as a “Monster” and in 779 appearance it’s dark while the 781 is orange.  Available on either 20mm elastic or a remarkable impeccable wristband, this watch is about as “love it or disdain it” as it gets.  Introduced route back in 2000, the Monster soldiered on until 2012, however new old stock was accounted for as being simple (and modest) to discover as late as 2014.  The Monster, as a component of the SKX arrangement, utilized a similar programmed development as the SKX007 and that’s the unshakable 7S26.  This implies no hacking or hand twisting, yet a standing for robustness.  Externally, however, the Monster carried exceptionally extraordinary styling with a “in your face” serrated steel bezel that’s covered at 12:00 and 6:00 by the pure 43mm case.  That case additionally houses a screw-down crown that sits at the natural Seiko 4:00.  Well known for its crazy lume and decipherable dial, the Monster is a real instrument watch that jumpers use without agonizing such a great amount over scratching or colliding with things.  200 meters of water obstruction don’t hurt either!  After all, it was not difficult to track down these for well under $200 when new.  Nowadays, a Monster can in any case be found on spots like or for under $200, yet condition will qualify as rather worn.  For a truly decent piece with the entirety of its pack, figure on $300 or more.  I own a SKX779 “Black Monster” that I sourced from Japan a year or so prior and I should concede that it gives me a specific measure of delight to wear.  While I’ve never genuinely cherished the bezel (or that reality that muck frequently stalls out among it and the cover), the dial is a genuine victor and harkens back to a past time at Seiko where things were somewhat more simple.  As you can see, I passed up this amazing opportunity on getting one of these new, yet really purchased another second era form out traveling to Hong Kong a few years back (this gives you a once-over on the different Monster variations and generations).  While the second gen rendition is dispassionately better precisely, I like the vibe of the first far more.  By the way, if you’re just into purchasing new, there’s now a third era Monster that you can discover on the .  It retails for 479 Euros, gets the Prospex “X” on its dial and sports the 4R36 movement.  Looks astute, it’s still a bit unique in relation to the original, yet it’s at any rate more with regards to the first than the second era version.

Seiko SKX007/009/011

Ah indeed, how is it possible that we would talk suspended Seiko without raising the most celebrated Seiko of all: the Seiko SKX007/009/011.  With the presentation of the new Seiko 5 Sports arrangement in Summer 2019, this formally denoted the stopping point for a watch that initially presented long ago when I was at college: that’s 1996!  Whether in dark (007), dull blue dial with Pepsi bezel (009), or orange with gold text style bezel (011), the SKX arrangement has been a genuine present to fans, new authorities, or, in all honesty, individuals who simply needed a damn decent regular watch.  Ok, the “stiff as hell” elastic lash or the metallic arm band weren’t the best connections, yet the SKX is an extraordinarily intelligible watch that’s hard to dislike.  The development is the recognizable 7S26 and like in the Monster over, that implies a day and date work, however no hacking or hand twisting features.  At 42.5mm in width, the squat dragged spotless case functions admirably on pretty much any wrist.  And for real plunging use, the watch is ISO confirmed, contains a glowing pip at 12:00 on its unidirectional bezel, a screw-down crown, and is useful for 200 meters.  I repurchased my SKX007 route in 2012 for something like $160 (it would have been another $30-40 less in the USA) off of Amazon and it’s been a great companion on vacations and different excursions where I need to wear something attractive, utilitarian, and stress free.  But surmise what?  I purchased a SKX011 only this previous Christmas during certain deals on Amazon for under $250 and it was a Japan-made version.  I’m not highbrow about where my SKX’s are or were delivered, yet I calculated that I should add another variation to the assortment while they’re as yet being sold as new.  No, I’ll always be unable to finance my daughter’s advanced education dependent on the offer of a “vintage” SKX, yet kid would I kick myself one day for not getting one of these incredible pieces as new for what i’d still consider as a song.  If you’ve not got one of these and are thinking about it, what are you holding up for?

Seiko SARB 033/035 “Baby Grand Seiko”

The next suspended Seiko on our rundown is the SARB 033/035 that’s referred to by fans as the “Baby Grand Seiko”.  It likewise turns out to be the solitary non apparatus watch on our rundown, so that should disclose to you how much recognition this watch accumulates from the gathering circle.  The SARB 033/035 is unquestionably one of those watches that succumbed to not finding a way into Seiko’s sub-assortment naming scheme.  Even however the watch was JDM just during its whole 2010 – 2018 creation run, it appeared to be that the brand didn’t wish to rebadge it and genuinely offer it worldwide.  That’s a genuine disgrace on the grounds that these SARB models are lookers with a great deal of functionality.  With 100 meters of water opposition, a wristband, staggering dials, and the marginally more upmarket 6R15 development noticeable through the case back, these pieces acquired huge loads of fans who were searching for an excellent watch that could do time at the workplace and pretty much anyplace else.  Also, at 38mm, the Baby Grand Seiko – the styling really gets from the undeniably more costly leader Seiko brand – is a brilliant fit for pretty much anyone.  Whether in dark (033) or cream/white (035), the Baby Grand Seiko is a genuine looker.  These recently sold in the $200’s when new, yet staying stock currently sells somewhere in the range of $350 and $500 (here and there even more).  You can check places like and others.  Personally, I’d chase for a decent arrangement on a scarcely utilized model if possible.  And while I’d probably go with a dark form, the rich white 035 is presumably the more troublesome piece to find.  As for substitutions, Seiko has never really uncovered the reference that supplanted the SARB, yet this 38mm Presage (it several months back) resembles a carbon copy as the successor.  It’s certainly pleasant and contains the 4R35 programmed; estimating appears to go from $400 – 600 from different sellers.  You can peruse more about it on the authority .

Seiko SARB017 Alpinist

The Seiko SARB017 Alpinist is the following suspended Seiko that we’ll discuss.  This is an interesting one for me since I don’t own one of these and I really don’t plan on truly purchasing one.  That’s odd, right?  Well, I discover the styling to be somewhat of a chaotic situation and I for one believe that the entire thing strays a piece from the Rolex Explorer-like expectation of the first 1950’s-60’s Alpinist watches that were straightforward three-handers without a date made for mountain climbers.  But I deviate since I am clearly in the minority with my sentiments about the presently stopped SARB017 Alpinist that was produced using 2007 – 2018.  Early on in 2018, Seiko declared that the time had come to end creation of the Alpinist and they revealed to us nothing else…for very some time.  Except for in September of 2019, a hole ejected on the web and official Seiko writing was appeared with upcoming Alpinist models for mid 2020 (one in green, dark and white).  The models will convey the Prospex “X” interestingly and will include the 6R35 with 70 hours of force reserve,.  The styling looks fundamentally the same as the SARB017, however estimating will increment to a heftier 75,000 JPY.  But making a beeline for the ended model, it appears fans love the green sunray dial, 38mm impeccable case, and gold(??) numerals and basilica hands (another ???), and inside pivoting compass.  Ok, I’ll quit complaining now.  The Alpinist has consistently been a totally different watch for Seiko and for that I’m glad.  The size is appealing, the 200 meters of water opposition functions admirably, and the quality and completing have consistently been profoundly praised for its agreeable section price.  That value used to be $350-450.  The screw-down crown controls the 6R15 development, which hacks, can be hand wound and has 50 hours of force reserve.  The SARB017 is as yet accessible as another watch, yet online retailers by and large charge more than $500 now (see Gnomon Watches ).  Places like eBay offer the chance in the mid $400’s, yet you unmistakably need to check the vender and any conceivable importation fees.  Dammit, since I’ve composed such a huge amount about this watch, I may need to follow one down!  This degree of determination at this value feels is something we likely won’t see again.

Seiko SBDC001/003/031/033 “Sumo”

Our last stopped Seiko is the very much adored “Sumo” diver.  indeed, Seiko carried new Sumos to Baselworld this previous year with the SPB101 (Black) and SPB103 (Green).  These brought a sapphire gem, the 6R35 development with 70 hours of influence hold, and a 45mm case.  They likewise brought along a more costly retail cost of about 830 Euros, which is around 200 Euros more than their archetypes (a in Germany shows a retail cost of 599 Euros while they sell for 419 Euros): the first Sumo.  The first Seiko Sumo appeared back in 2007 with the SBDC001 (dark and appeared above) and SBDC003 (dim blue).  In 2016, these acquired a Prospex “X” on the dial and the dark release turned into the SBDC031 while the blue changed to the SBDC033.  It’s these last mentioned, more limited run “X” pieces that can in any case be found as new today are still a serious pleasant deal.  Some say that the completing has enhanced the new 2019 Sumos, yet the last age was a fine piece that is frequently credited just like the deal Marinemaster 300.  After all, the hand set is fairly comparable – particularly that clear seconds hand – , the case shape is almost the equivalent and the crown is additionally situated at 4:00.  obviously, the MM300 utilizes a first class development and has another 100 meters of water opposition, however the Sumo offers a compelling bundle for a negligible portion of the cost.  In the USA, still shows these for under $650 and keeping in mind that that isn’t an enormous rebate versus unique retail, it’s a nice cost in the event that you don’t need to spend the additional cash on the freshest model.  We’ve consistently felt that the Sumo is one of Seiko’s most attractive jumpers and could undoubtedly be worn each day as long as your wrist can pull off the additional millimeters.

Seiko SBCM023/25/29 Perpetual Calendar Diver

Last however not least on our rundown of famous suspended Seiko models is somewhat of a crackpot: the SBCM023/25/27 Perpetual Calendar Diver.  It’s presumably the least “popular” of the multitude of watches here, yet it has acquired foothold throughout the most recent quite a while because of its uncontrollably exact development (+/ – 3 minutes of the year), exemplary SKX-like looks, and strangely wearable 39mm case.  The battery is Lithium and, accordingly, endures in any event 6 years.  On the disadvantage, it’s savvy to bring to your neighborhood Seiko shop to have them change the battery.  This was a JDM-just watch, yet they were and are intriguing enough that many made the excursion to different mainlands during their 2003 – 2010 creation run.  I purchased a SBCM023 out of two or three years back and was lucky to source a full set for under $400.  I surveyed that watch here and furthermore referenced that fairly more uncommon variations are accessible in the 025 (blue dial with Pepsi bezel) and 029 (orange dial with gold text style bezel).  If you’re searching for one of these today, figure on $600 – 800 as they’ve become rather desirable.  For sure, some may giggle at paying such a great amount for a watch that resembles a lot less expensive SKX, yet those up to date will understand that something extraordinary is on the wrist.  For postings, I’d check eBay and WatchRecon…try to discover one with an as of late changed battery.

Final Thoughts on These Discontinued Seiko Models

As referenced, beside the SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar, none of these watches are inconceivably hard to track down and relying upon the model picked, they’re not even excessively costly to buy in new, unworn condition.  obviously, if you’re willing to take a utilized or somewhat worn model, estimating becomes considerably more moderate for what will probably be a dependable long haul every day wearer.  Plus, on the off chance that you end disliking the watch after a period, it ought to demonstrate simple to sell.  actually versus any of these ended Seiko models, there most likely exists a superior, fresher model from the brand.  But, now and then it’s not about more present day or better caliber; now and then it’s about looking in reverse and basically purchasing something that you enjoy.