When Patek Philippe presented the 5524(G) during Baselworld 2015 it was the discussion of the show. Indeed, it’s old news in 2018 however it’s something we were unable to disregard referencing when discussing the new 5524R-001. The popular Geneva produce had various stunning years: Patek Philippe praised their 175th commemoration in 2014 with a very (and I mean) solid arrangement. 5270G or 5951P come to mind when I think about that year. One would think, as it regularly is in any industry, that after a particularly solid year the following one would be a “decrease” however not at Patek Philippe. While the 2015 line-up was not as solid as the earlier years it presented us the 5524. The greatest “issue” many had with that watch was the pilot’s watch plan. Eminently, how the Zenith Type 20 GMT showed a striking likeness to that Patek. Also that was additionally a GMT. Nonetheless, what numerous didn’t acknowledge, is that Patek Philippe has a set of experiences with regards to military looks for pilots.


That was in 2015 yet the 5524(R-001) made a return in 2018. Just this time it is anything but a white however a rose gold case. The dial tone is additionally unique. The 2015 model accompanied a blue dial. In 2018 the new 5524 has a coordinating earthy colored dial to the gold case. To the extent my own taste goes, this model is altogether too much for me. I like the under-the-radar looks of the white gold form. However much that a 42mm Patek can go under the radar, obviously. In any case, the 5524R is a delightfully made watch from quite possibly the most esteemed companies in the business. We will have a more intensive gander at the 5524R and at times draw a comparison among that and the 5524G. After all, they are the two pieces of a similar model line.

Masculine Watch

These are not my words but rather Patek Philippe’s. In all honesty the 5524 is anything but a little watch using any and all means. While the watch honors the 1930’s aeronautical pioneers the size is extremely contemporary at 42mm. The haul tip to carry tip length is a stunning 50.75mm with a 21mm tie. That is a major piece of rose gold you’re brandishing on your wrist. Discussing gold, as I referenced over the new 5524R is coming in rose gold. The profound rich tone is the consequence of the metal arrangement being 5N. That generally implies the composition is of 75% gold, 20.5% copper and 4.5% silver. The women variant of the 5524 is made of 4N gold (not so much copper but rather more silver, henceforth lighter tone). The case shape is straightforward, round with just the crown on the privilege and the 2 time-region pushers on the left.

The crown has no crown watch just Patek’s logo and model line denominator, Calatrava cross. It is the lone thing on the correct side of the case. The pushers for the nearby time are on the left side, at 10 and 8 o’clock. The top pusher moves the neighborhood hand clockwise the last one sets the nearby time counter-clockwise. As you’d envision since the pusher is enormous by pushing them unintentionally, might change the neighborhood time. To forestall this, the pusher can be bolted by a quarter turn clockwise. At the point when the neighborhood time is set to another date (from suppose 10:15 pm to 2:15 am the following morning) the date sets naturally with it. Assuming in any case, you need to change the date, you can do as such by the corrector. You can discover it between the 2 lower carries, on the case.

Caliber 324 S C FUS Movement

Through the sapphire precious stone of the screw-down presentation case back, you can venerate Patek Philippe’s exceptionally improved production development, the type 324 S C FUS. It is a programmed development with double cross zones (home and nearby), a pointer date and a day/night marker for both on the dial. The 324 S C FUS has a 21K strong gold wavering weight. The type comprises of 294 sections. The force save is between 35 (min.) and 45 (max.) hours. The twisting of the development is unidirectional with 28,800 A/h and 29 gems. The savvy thing about the type is the uncoupling capacity. This implies that when the neighborhood time hand is determined to the 5524R by pushing either pusher, an isolator disengages the time-region system from the going train. This permits the watch to sway at a normal rate with no corruption of the adequacy. And afterward, obviously, there’s the Patek Philippe Seal .

Chocolate Dial

The dial on the 5524R-001 has a profound chocolate earthy colored tone, that coordinates the rose gold case impeccably. It is metal with thick earthy colored lacquering and sunburst finish. Each hand-applied Arabic numeral is more or less huge. They are strong gold, cut out then topped off with Super-LumiNova. On account of the gigantic numerals and the differentiation of white and earthy colored the dial is not difficult to peruse and, while a great deal is going on it, not jumbled by any means. Over the 6 o’clock is the subdial for the date, somewhere in the range of 3 and 4 is the gap for the AM/PM pointer of Home time (as composed above it). A similar pointer for the Local time is on the opposite side of the dial somewhere in the range of 8 and 9. At the point when you set the time forward or in reverse with the date the AM/PM pointer likewise sets itself.

At first look, the watch seems as though a straightforward time just watch. Given that the nearby time isn’t set to an alternate zone as the home time. The home time hour hand is covered up under the blue hour hand which is the nearby time hand. At the point when you push the agent, the blue hour hand begins to hop, each hour in turn. Under it seems a white skeleton hand actually showing home time. That would be the hour hand for home time. Each of the three hands are mallet shape. In spite of the fact that the moment and neighborhood time pointers are gold the home hour hand has a white enamel cover. A similar white veneer is applied to the candy seconds hands. The spot at the tip of the candy hand helps the comprehensibility of the watch. Generally the 5524R-001’s dial isn’t your typical Patek Philippe configuration, yet it’s a thoroughly examined one.

Thoughts on the 5524R

The 5524R is the sort of watch that the more you take a gander at the more you like it. It unquestionably is nothing similar to some other Patek Philippe previously. Notwithstanding, that may have been the situation in 1976 when Gerald Genta wrote the principal drafts of the Nautilus onto a napkin (supposedly). Three years after the main adaptation came out and shook the watch world with its perceptible comparability to that previously mentioned Zenith, the 5524 is as yet continuing forward. To a few, the 5524(R or G) is an enormous and to some degree uproarious watch. Others say it is an ideal contemporary watch that caters for the striking youthful age of Patek Philippe clients. I just realize two guys possessing one; Ed Sheeran has the new 5524R. Our companion and individual writer, the Danish Dandy otherwise known as Kristian Haagen own the 5524G. Two watches, two ages, indistinguishable taste.

The retail cost of the Patek Philippe 5524R is €42,850 (counting VAT).

If you might want to look at this or some other Patek Philippe model, if it’s not too much trouble, visit their site, .