This year points the 25th commemoration of the Royal Oak Offshore. A watch that was noteworthy when originally appeared during the Basel observe reasonable in 1993, yet it required a long time to get there.

We plunk down with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore gatherer in The Netherlands at a not so focal area. Other than being an authority of Offshores watches, he is the organizer of a Dutch gin brand by the name of ‘Skully’. So when the jug of Skully gin shows up on the table, the voyaging has just become advantageous. This Dutch gin is new to Bert (who deals with the pictures) and me, yet we much appreciate the extraordinary flavor. It improves when the crate with Royal Oak Offshore watches show up on the table also. This will be one astonishing evening. We will zero in on the first Offshore, additionally nicknamed “The Beast” in view of its – particularly around then – amazing extents. Since 1993, Audemars Piguet has presented numerous minor departure from the Offshore subject, however we’ll adhere to the reference 25721ST and its direct descendants.

A full set Royal Oak Offshore 25721ST

25 Years of Royal Oak Offshore

1989 – 1993 Urquhart and Gueit

But we should begin toward the start. The Royal Oak Offshore composes history in 1993, yet the story as of now begins 4 years earlier.

Designing a watch without any preparation isn’t simple. Planning a watch dependent on a current fruitful plan is just dangerous. You can practically just foul up. Nonetheless, around then Audemars Piguet’s young architect by the name of Emmanuel Gueit was appointed with the errand to do as such. Effectively in 1989, Audemars Piguet co-CEO Stephen Urquhart (who later on joined Omega as CEO) requested Gueit to plan another adaptation from the Royal Oak that would pull in a more youthful crowd. As per Gueit it was the ideal opportunity for a manly watch, as he saw that ladies began to wear men’s watches. He needed a watch that would be viewed as a regular men’s watch: tremendous extents. Such outrageous extents that ladies would avoid purchasing or wearing one. Despite the fact that Urquhart gave the youthful originator the task to come up with something for a more youthful crowd, he wasn’t exactly prepared for what he was given. A thick Royal Oak with amazing extents and noticeable gaskets. In spite of the fact that Urquhart preferred it, he continued deferring the presentation of this new Royal Oak for various years. Flimsy quartz models were as yet popular and this new extraordinary Royal Oak adaptation could destroy everything. The 20th commemoration of the Royal Oak in 1992 was a second they proposed to get with the new plan, however again another delaying makes it at long last 1993 when the Royal Oak Offshore watch comes out. The name Offshore doesn’t show up on the watch from the outset, as Audemars Piguet isn’t totally comfortable with it yet. The initial 100 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore models just bear the name “Royal Oak” for the situation back. Beginning number 101, they have “Royal Oak Offshore” engraved.

Royal Oak Offshore with a “Royal Oak” just inscription.

Meet The 1993 Royal Oak Offshore 25721

The watch industry thought the Royal Oak Offshore was an error. Much the same as the Royal Oak was gotten in 1972, a many individuals thought it was nuts. Indeed, even Gérald Genta was not quiet about it, he felt that Audemars Piguet made a walrus dependent on his valuable Royal Oak plan. Somewhat abnormal truly, as he presumably got comparative comments on his Royal Oak and Nautilus plan by moderate authorities during the 1970s. Italy was – as consistently – leading the pack when it came to real deals of the Royal Oak Offshore, it took the remainder of the world somewhat more to follow their model. A couple of years after the fact effectively, the Royal Oak Offshore compensated for an enormous part of the sales.

The first reference 25721ST, additionally nicknamed “The Beast”, was a long ways comparatively radical. A tremendous and thick case, estimating around 16mm in stature, the utilization of elastic for the crown and pushers just as a noticeable gasket among case and bezel. All fixings that we would not underestimate today. Strangely, the principal Royal Oak Offshore comprised of a faraday development to keep the development from getting charged. A delicate iron plate was mounted under the dial and delicate iron internal case covering the development forestalled the type 2126/2840 development from being helpless against attractive fields. This development depended on the frequently utilized Jaeger-LeCoultre 888 type added with a chronograph module by Dubois-Depraz. After the initial 200 watches, Audemars Piguet began utilized the type 2226/2840 for the Royal Oak Offshore, which depended on the Jaeger-LeCoultre 889/1 with a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module. Combined with the substantial hardened steel wristband, the watch weighs roughly 223 grams. Not for the cowardly. Later gold and platinum models weigh even much more.

Emmanuelle Guiet’s own watch (no.039), that was sold as of late through Phillips.

Besides an entirely obvious gasket underneath the octogonal bezel, there are additionally the elastic (like) pushers and crown. This material is really alluded to as Therban, a high-execution elastomer that is – for instance – impervious to heated water and steam. It can deal with outrageous temperatures, from – 45 degrees Celsius to +165 degrees Celsius, and peaks up to 180 degrees Celsius. This material was created by Bayer in 1975 and promoted as Therban in 1986. The Therban pushers and crown have a similar blue tone as the dial of the watch.




The creation time of a Royal Oak Offshore is regularly alluded to as a [X]-arrangement, where [X] represents a letter that compares to certain creation years. The Royal Oak Offshore reference 25721 beginnings as D-arrangement. The creation of the D-arrangement Audemars Piguet watches start in 1992 as of now, obviously, the Royal Oak Offshore is conveyed to the market in 1993. The main number of “The Beast” is D23744 and the last watch is the D97184, however these reaches are additionally utilized for other Audemars Piguet watches. The last D-arrangement was delivered in 1998. In that time-frame, Audemars Piguet created 1300 reference 25721ST watches in the D-arrangement. Every one of these watches come in more modest bunches (200-100-200-300-200-100-200), amounting to precisely 1300 pieces.

D-arrangement (right) and E-arrangement (left) side-by-side

The E-arrangement ran from 1998 till 2004, and the creation of the Royal Oak Offshore 25721ST expanded from 1300 to 2300 pieces (in more modest groups of 100-200-100-200-600-200-200-200-500). The F-arrangement were presented in 2005 however there is by all accounts no rationale in those (at any rate not to us).

Interesting to take note of that between those first D-arrangement and E-arrangement, there are some little contrasts that maybe don’t move saw immediately. Other than the lacking ‘Seaward’ etching working on it back of the initial 100, the distinctive development in the initial 200 and the little change in the tapisserie design on the dial, you will likewise locate that the wristband has been refreshed throughout the long term. The catch on the principal models was fairly straightforward executed compared to the later ones, yet in addition the connections of the wristband show a distinction. On the D-arrangement the connections have 4 screws (2 on the two sides), on the E-arrangement and later models, that has been diminished to two screws (1 on each side).

Different joins from D to E-series

A early Royal Oak Offshore 25721ST with number 039 was sold last November by Phillips for an astounding CHF102,500 (Swiss Francs). In addition to the fact that it means it doesn’t have ‘Seaward’ engraved for the situation back, however more critically, it had a place with the first originator of “The Beast”, Emmanuel Gueit. Not the same as the other early models is the fasten, as it is fitted with the one that Gueit initially had as a primary concern for this watch.

D and E arrangement

20th Anniversary

Earlier this year during the SIHH in Geneva, we were introduced the new Royal Oak Offshore for its 25th commemoration. In any case, we should not avoid the twentieth commemoration version of the Royal Oak Offshore that Audemars Piguet delivered in 2013. Restricted to only 20 pieces, this reference 26218ST was near the first 1993 model. The development inside was the type 3126/3840, of which the chronograph instrument was an extra module by Dubois-Depraz. The base type of this development has been in-house created by Audemars Piguet rather than the past JLC-based ones. This development comprises of 365 sections and has a perfectly designed 22-carat gold rotor. Much the same as the acclaimed AP type 2121 (that can be found in the 15202ST), it has a Gyromax-like equilibrium wheel. This alludes to the variable idleness blocks on the equilibrium wheel for its adjustment.

20th commemoration edition

On this watch we likewise discover a case back with a sapphire precious stone, so the development can be appreciated by the proprietor. The arm band of this model additionally changed once more, as you can see on the pictures the catch gazes a touch all the more upward to-date.

As you can find in the pictures underneath, the cases additionally changed during the years. From the quite certain octagonal molded boxes for the primary D and E arrangement to the standard wooden box, they use for any remaining Royal Oak models. The 2013 commemoration box conveyed an uncommon emblem on top to demonstrate it concerns the Royal Oak Offshore 20th commemoration edition.

Boxes: (Clockwise) twentieth commemoration, later E/F-arrangement, (octagonal) D-series

The Current Beast – 26237ST

The current Beast, reference 26237ST

On the 25th commemoration of the Royal Oak Offshore, Audemars Piguet once again introduced “The Beast” and is known as their reference 26237ST. The intriguing thing is, that this 42mm watch doesn’t feel as 25 years of age. With no authentic information, it very well may be entirely a watch of today from the Audemars Piguet assortment. The 42mm size isn’t however wild and extraordinary as it seemed to be 25 years prior, yet it is positively additionally not obsolete. Inside, we’ll locate a similar development as the twentieth commemoration release, the AP type 3126/3840. Much the same as the first 25721ST models however, this new reference likewise has a strong tempered steel case back. It is engraved with “Royal Oak Offshore” and the chronic number. This may feel like a failure for the individuals who love to see the development with 22-carat gold rotor, however idealists presumably favor the shut back from a creativity perspective. “The Beast” is back, and as a typical creation run model, not as a restricted release. This watch takes after the first 25721ST obviously, a bird eye previously saw that the imprinting on the dial is a piece bolder.

Royal Oak Offshore Icon

Just like the Royal Oak “Large” that created from the first 5402ST models to the present 15202ST over a stretch of time of +40 years, the Royal Oak Offshore meanwhile likewise demonstrated itself to be a symbol. Also, an extremely youthful one, as most watches that are viewed as a work of art or have a notable status has been available any longer. Where not every person appeared to be persuaded from the start, including Gérald Genta, the Royal Oak Offshore end up being a victor for some watch lovers and – obviously – for Audemars Piguet. Sooner or later, and maybe it actually does, the Offshore assortment compensated for the greater part of the income for this Le Brassus based producer. “The Beast” is still likely the rawest adaptations of the Royal Oak Offshore, as Audemars Piguet made numerous separations in the course of recent years, including a 37mm woman’s form (not something Emmanuel Guiet had at the top of the priority list in 1993). The assortment has likewise extended with 42mm non-chronograph jumpers, 44mm chronographs and 45mm Tourbillon Chronographs yet there’s just a single unique, which is “The Beast”. Furthermore, presently it is back.

We might want to say thanks to Royal Oak Offshore gatherer Koen Smulders for empowering us to take pictures of his watches and sharing his noteworthy information on these models.

More data on Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore assortment can be found .

Royal Oak Offshore Gallery


Royal Oak Offshore with a “Royal Oak” just engraving.


20th Anniversary

2018 – The Beast (26237ST)

The current Beast, reference 26237ST