Exactly this month, it is 20 years prior that I purchased my first Speedmaster. The ideal second to share a story on my own Speedmaster and about gathering them.

I’ve recounted the tale about when, where, and why I purchased my first Speedmaster commonly during our Speedy Tuesday occasions, yet I don’t think I composed it in an article. Twenty years prior, on October 1st, 1999, I bought my first Speedmaster. It wasn’t long after I discovered that this watch really the watch worn on the Moon. My dad informed me regarding Omega being the brand on the Moon when I was a small child (11 years of age or something like that), however he never revealed to me it was the Speedmaster.

Speedmaster 145.012-67

A Speedmaster Professional with reference 145.012-67, with the celebrated type 321. At a value that is inconceivable of today, however even in those days a great deal of cash for an understudy. So much really, that I needed to dispose of my vehicle to have the option to buy this Speedmaster. It was a Peugeot 205 GTI, and before you will grimace and say that these vehicles are worth a serious penny today, let me disclose to you that it wasn’t in the correct condition anyway.

I really needed an advanced Speedmaster Professional, with type 861 or 1861, as it would be my day by day watch. However, you need to comprehend that back then, a youthful used (or new) Speedmaster was more costly than an old vintage model. That is right, and there was a couple hundred Euro contrast between a youthful used type 861 and this Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67.

October 1st, 1999

Before that October day (it was a Friday) in 1999, I got my work done on par with conceivable. There was no Moonwatch Only, and there were no sites that had itemized depictions of the Speedmaster. There were the Omega gatherings on WatchUSeek and TimeZone, where different authorities (like Chuck Maddox) were enthusiastic about the Speedmaster and did (a few) research on the watches. For the most part simply by noticing and examining Speedmasters that were purchased by others or offered on sales or sites. There could have been no legitimate admittance to the Omega Museum documents, where realities could be checked.

So, on October 1, with money in my grasp, I ventured into this watch shop (today it would be known as a ‘Store’) in The Hague and conversed with the proprietor about this watch. He really chose to give me a markdown, as he saw I was earnestly intrigued by the Speedmaster and had gotten my work done. Just somewhat later, I learned he was a Speedmaster gatherer himself (and who turns out to be this guy )

The Speedmaster Professional I bought wasn’t great. The paint was gone from the little hands, the bezel was harmed, and there were a few checks and scratches looking into the issue back. In any case, who minded? It was the Speedmaster, the watch that was worn on the Moon. I wore this watch for quite a while, nearly daily.


At some point, I chose to have it reestablished. Once more, this isn’t something I would most likely do today. In any case, this was some other time, where the specialized state of a watch was more critical to me than innovation (time right). However long the parts would be real Omega, I was fine. There was no conversation about Dot-Over-Ninety bezels back then. A DON bezel was not a thing in 1999. The hands ought to be white, not metal. The bezel ought to be perfect, not imprinted, or bits of paint missing. Thus, new hands and another bezel. New gem, pushers, and crown also. Since the watch went ahead a lash, I likewise required an arm band. I think it was 2000 when I found a NOS reference 1450 wristband. An incredible measure of 300 Dutch guilders (~ 140 Euro) was traded for it. I wore this watch practically day by day, had it overhauled once like clockwork, and even right up ’til the present time, it runs perfectly.

This is the watch that lighted my enthusiasm for the Speedmaster, and I have purchased (and lamentably sold also) a large number of them. I likewise bought a couple of more type 321 Speedmasters in the mid 2000s yet sold them all. I was an understudy, and it was an approach to make some additional income (in spite of the fact that there wasn’t a lot of benefit to be made in those days). The last type 321 145.012 I purchased was in 2003, for around €1300.- . Go figure. I’m not sharing my whole assortment here (for a few reasons) however will feature a couple of models that I bought over the years.

But first, let me disclose to you that a couple of years prior I chose to bring back the 145.012-67 in its unique condition. The significant issue were the hands. I actually had the first ones, yet except if I would have the option to paint them, those were very fubar. I had the option to source a unique type 321 chronograph second hand, however, with tritium lime. The hour and moment hands actually are excessively new for this reference, yet rare (so on the off chance that anybody knows a set, definitely, indecent fitting). The bezel was simply an issue of cash and condition. I discovered this one for a couple hundred two years prior, it has a few scratches, yet that helps me to remember the one it went ahead, and the Dot-Over-Ninety is unmistakably noticeable. Perfectionists can plunk down once more. The first crown and pushers I actually have, yet the current set is fine. This is something where I take a stand. I love my watches to be unique, however they additionally should be in wonderful specialized condition. Since the crown and pushers need to appropriately fit (and gasket should be acceptable), to keep dampness from entering the case (and accordingly development), I wouldn’t fret that these are new. A long time back, I likewise purchased a reference 1039 wristband for this watch. In magnificent condition, including working adaptable connections and the combination of matte and cleaned completing on a superficial level still plainly obvious. At the point when I bought this watch, I requested an Extract of the Archives, expressing Omega transported this watch to Finland on October 22, 1968 (indeed, that is actually 51 years prior, today). Fun truth, that was my dad’s 18th birthday*.

A Selection Of Speedmasters I Collected

As said, after this Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67, many followed. I lament selling a portion of the Speedmasters, particularly the type 321 models and mid 145.022’s I used to have. All things considered, I additionally lament selling some advanced ones. I had a few 3570.50s yet in addition a sapphire sandwich (3573.50) that I loved. You can’t keep them all, though.

I figured it is amusing to share a portion of my Speedmasters here, models that I gathered in the previous 20 years.

Speedmaster Professional 3570.50

Very frequently, I will tell individuals that this is the Speedmaster Professional to get first. A staggering arrangement, in any event, at its retail cost of €4700 nowadays. A hand-wound Lémania based development (type 1861) with a significant history, the dial is presumably the most readable one for a chronograph, and the case configuration is ageless. It is an immediate relative of the watch that was utilized on the Moon by Aldrin and different space travelers. I’m not an aficionado of the arm band plan, but rather then again, it is truly comfortable and never fizzled on me. An easy decision. I bought this Speedmaster 3570.50 new mid 2013, so before Omega began to utilize the enormous black box with all the cool accessories.

Speedmaster 125

It isn’t about the watch on the right (which is cool all alone), yet about the Speedmaster 125 that is on the left in this image. The two watches mark an energizing time in the watch business, however. As far as plan, yet in addition with regards to developments and exactness. At any rate, the Speedmaster 125 was acquainted in 1973 with praise the 125th commemoration of the brand. Furnished with Lémania based type 1041 development. Like the type 1040 development (Lémania type 1342 is the base), however with chronometer confirmation. For quite a while, individuals thought this watch was restricted underway, and some Extract of the Archives will show there are just 2000 bits of them. Notwithstanding, later examination showed that there are a lot a greater amount of these. We distributed about the creation numbers here . I bought this watch in 2012, for about €1400,- I think. It is an incredible piece, and I got it on account of its importance in Speedmaster history and as a result of the new plan and programmed Lémania development. I once in a while wear it, however, even I do trust it isn’t just about as uncomfortable as it would look.

Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69

I had a considerable lot of these however continued offering them to companions and partners as I accepted they had the right to have a legitimate vintage Speedmaster. The Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69. This one is delivered in the mid of 1971, just before the following reference/cycle (145.022-71) was presented. It has the progression dial, the Seahorse case back, and the reference 1039 wristband. I bought this watch some place in 2015, for €1500.- . It was very filthy (as should be obvious), and that’s how I like them. The odds are that they haven’t been altered. I purchased this from a person that was situated close to our office, who offered it to me by means of an email. I additionally have a 145.022-76, from 1977, that coordinates my introduction to the world year. The case back is extraordinary, and there is no progression in the dial (since the 145.022-74). These 145.022s are still generally simple to discover and are amusing to wear. You pay for condition, however. This 145.022-69 isn’t the best, where my 145.022-76 was just New Old Stock when I got it, which additionally has a market esteem that is a lot higher than this 145.022-69.

Speedmaster Apollo XIII 3595.52

One of the coolest restricted releases in my book. This Speedmaster Professional was acquainted in 1995 with commemorate the 25th commemoration of Apollo 13. It has the mission fix on the 9 o’clock subdial. 999 pieces altogether for this run, and it likewise shows that Omega was in an alternate stream in those years. It took them presumably over a half year to sell them all, as you will likewise discover them created in 1996 with the later wristband appended. In 1998, this fix model was likewise utilized in the renowned mission cases with 23 watches (+ 1 extra development). There are 50 of these mission cases, of which 40 were intended for the market. So that adds a couple of a greater amount of these watches. What I love about this piece is the yellow-ish patina on the hour markers and hands. The reference 1479 is one of my number one wristbands, also. I bought this watch in 2013, and I accept the worth was around €5000 at that point (it was essential for an exchange with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph). In a similar arrangement, I got this Speedmaster Snoopy (2003) model. All complete with boxes and papers. One of these watches was NOS, however I wear the two of them (not simultaneously). For watchnerd reasons, I scratched the instance of this Speedmaster Apollo XIII on the entryway of the Apollo Command Module in Houston.

Speedmaster 3594.50

This watch was presented in 1997 but on the other hand was essential for the prior referenced mission cases. It was presented as the Speedmaster’57 Replica, a beautiful horrible name for a watch, which likewise may be the explanation it didn’t work available. Later on, Omega renamed it to Speedmaster’57 Relaunch (long after it was ended). I think it is a cool piece. It shows that Omega knew about their set of experiences back then, yet didn’t have the way to do it as appropriate as they did it in 2017 with the 60th commemoration Speedmaster version. I got this watch in 2013 from my better half and girl for my first Father’s Day. You can without much of a stretch locate these available, and it is a cool piece to wear. The steel bezel and the Broad Arrow hands give the watch a touch more powerful than the standard Moonwatch. The case and development are indistinguishable, however. I generally discover the dial to be a smidgen more dim ish than the standard Moonwatch dial, yet this could be an optical dream. These were available from 1997 till 2003, and you will locate the prior ones with a dark cowhide box and wristband without press catches. The later models have the red calfskin box and a fresher sort bracelet.

Speedmaster’57 60th Anniversary

Another present day restricted release, from 2017. On the left, you discover the reference 3594.50 I depicted above, and on the privilege is the 2017 form of the Speedmaster’57. A straight-haul case with similar measurements as the first Speedmaster CK2915 (1957-1959), wide bolt hands, a touch of that fake patina, and a wristband that has the vibes of the old reference 7077 arm band. It is somewhat thicker, however, and the fasten is very cumbersome. Be that as it may, hello, it is an extraordinary watch and wears consummately. This watch was additionally accessible in a Trilogy Box set , along with a re-release of the Railmaster and Seamaster 300. Every one of the three were watches presented in 1957 and viewed as looks for experts. The crate was restricted to 557 pieces and the different watches to 3557.

Speedmaster Mark II 145.014

The Mark II is a lovely cool watch. For quite a while, these watches were not exceptionally pursued and could be found at alluring costs. I think they are as yet worth each penny of today’s asking costs, with the type 861 development and the amazing case plan (and finish). The Mark II was presented as a second Speedmaster model in 1969 and maybe a touch more current (at that point) with regards to plan. Presently, you could say it is massive and a common result of that period. This watch has little to do with space, beside the way that the case configuration is gotten from the Alaska project model. I’m not by and large sure when I bought this watch, presumably around 2010 or 2011. I think I paid around 1000 Euro and had it adjusted and redesignd for two or three hundred more. I additionally have the first arm band, however it likewise looks great on a cowhide tie. Omega kept on accomplishing more plans and utilized the ‘Mark’- series till the 1980s, for the Mark V .

Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI BA345.0802

Flanked by both Speedy Tuesday versions, the gold Speedmaster Professional BA345.0802 in the middle is one of my number one pieces. I got it in October 2014, when I was visiting Munich. Along with my companion Ben, who you may know from Hodinkee, we were visiting a couple of vendors, looking for a gold Speedmaster (I was on a mission that day). This one was available to be purchased at one of the vintage sellers in the downtown area. It went ahead a gold arm band also, yet for the image, I put it on one of the calfskin ties (all lashes in these photos come from btw). It is entertaining really, as the first occasion when I saw this watch in the substance was before in 2014, throughout the Winter Games in Sochi. Likewise along with Ben Clymer. Space explorer Thomas P. Stafford was additionally there as a unique visitor from Omega, and he showed us his yellow gold Speedmaster Professional. It turned out to be this watch , and it was acquainted in 1980 with commemorate the Apollo XI mission in 1969, yet additionally to praise the way that the Speedmaster was picked again for the (at that point) upcoming Space Shuttle missions. Just 300 bits of this gold piece have been made, and it was anything but an incredible dealer in those days. It was in the Omega index from 1980 till 1988 and cost as much as a BMW 3-arrangement. Twenty pieces were made in white gold, for the German market. I accept a couple of those endure. Of the 300 yellow gold pieces, roughly 150 were for the German market. With the monetary emergency during the 1980s, I wager a great deal of them wound up in the dissolving pot.

I don’t need to underscore on the Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday models a lot in this article. Yet, those are extremely significant to me too, for clear reasons. I have no.13 of both restricted releases, as that’s my most loved number.

Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award (2015)

This Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award is the third watch to commemorate Apollo 13 and the subsequent that has a Snoopy on the dial ( you can peruse here why there’s a Snoopy on the dial ). I’m lucky to claim every one of them three, and with the 50th commemoration of Apollo 13 one year from now, I am wanting to see something cool too. This white dial Silver Snoopy Award was presented in 2015, for the 45th commemoration. The dial is very animation ish, yet on the wrist, you barely notice it. The case back is amazing, with a silver Snoopy lapel nail figure to a blue and dark polish foundation sprinkled with silver residue. You can think that its all here . The dark delicate tie is incredibly comfortable, and I saw that a many individuals likewise requested this tie for the principal Speedy Tuesday edition.

Speedmaster Professional ‘Tintin’ (2013)

The Speedmaster Professional ‘Tintin’ was delivered in 2013 and first presented as a Speedmaster ‘Racing.’ Much like the special release for Japan in 2004 . At the point when we had our gathering in Basel, I got some information about the dial, as it didn’t strike me as a Racing dial, frankly. They began to chuckle and clarified the anecdote about Tintin and how they needed to make this a recognition for the animation from Hergé. We distributed this ‘ breaking news ,’ and the watch was rapidly after nicknamed ‘Speedmaster Tintin’. I got a letter from the lawful division from Hergé, advising me to snap a photo of from the Tintin collection (Explorers on the Moon) – which I own and examined for the event – and quit utilizing the name Tintin. Indeed, I took of the output, however forgoing me utilizing the name Tintin is rubbish (and they know it). In any case, the watch is cool, and the red and white give it an extremely particular look. On the first watch that Omega had as a main priority, there’s a little rocket on the dial (as imagined on the left). I can’t help thinking about what might have occurred in the event that they would have advertised that watch. Believe it or not, I figure individuals would have disregarded it, and part of the achievement of this watch presently is the tale of how the watch didn’t become a Tintin watch. I purchased mine spic and span in 2017 during an excursion to Japan (the watch was ended in 2016) for roughly €2200,- . I surmise Tintin doesn’t have fans in Japan.

I showed you ten of my Speedmasters (11 in the event that you incorporate the 145.012-67) and somewhat of a foundation story for every one of them. I trust you appreciated it, and I may do one more sudden spike in demand for a portion of my other Speedmasters at some point.

If you have a story you need to impart to us and our perusers, individual Speedmaster devotees, please mail me . Why you purchased a Speedmaster, or maybe you got one with an exceptional explanation. Current or new, all accounts are welcome!

*p.s. Glad birthday, dad!